Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yet another political party floated by IIT graduates

The name is Dal. Bharat Punarnirman Dal.

The party is floated by Ravi Kishore and Ajit Shukla, Aerospace Engineering graduates from IIT-B.

These young men don't have a fixed ideology, money or cadre to call their own.

They say all they have is integrity and big plans for the country - plans to hire people who will be solution providers, make sure the administration is clean and most importantly, retire politicians at the age of 60.

All their talk about integrity, change, courage and conviction is charmingly nebulous. I would want these change agents -- who plan to unleash "solution providers" on us -- to say a little bit more about what they see as the big challenges, and about their Big Plans for tackling them. It all reminds me of a similar outfit that made waves last year (and we know what happened afterwards, don't we?). Count me among the skeptics.


  1. Anonymous said...

    So JEE is also the entry point for future Prime Minister's eh :-)

    Just want to quote Sainath here:

    "As one young journalist covering the present round of BMC polls puts it: our approach is simple. Anything that has an 'I' a double 'II' or 'IT' in it makes front page. That is, if you have an IT, IIT or IIM tag. Then the force is with you. "

    That should explain the hype.

  2. Anonymous said...

    --the link to Sainath's article

  3. Anonymous said...

    I think I know who Ravi Kishore is.

    But why do these people make party names that are so weird? Just as Circuit says in Lage Raho Munnabhai, people can't say Punarnirman without an effort. And, which party name sells if it doesn't have words like `Janata' or `Samaj' (or their equivalent) in them?

    And, if someone wants do do something like this, won't they have a better chance if they focus on a small region in the beginning, and do something before contesting elections to show that they are serious?

  4. Anonymous said...


    You might be right in being a skeptic but I would give them the benefit of doubt.
    Yes they need to explain a bit more about what plans/ideas they have.


    I think they want to cash in on the IIT name brand. Nothing wrong in it but it can help only so much. They are announcing their arrival first and then would probably do something on those lines.

    I would keep my fingers crossed.

  5. Anonymous said...

    till a few days back, i kept hearing how IITians always went abroad and didnt return/serve the country and how public money is being wasted on their education in India, blah blah blah...

    Now that some of them want to at least try something constructive, these very people who bemoan the migration of IITians abroad are ready to castigate them without even giving them a chance.

    wow! It happens only in India :-)

    So JEE is also the entry point for future Prime Minister's eh :-)... never knew clearing the JEE barred you from becoming a PM. But wait! There's hope for me then, I didnt clear the JEE after all :-)

    By the way, all ye pundits, how many of the pre-poll promises and "fixed ideologies" of the politicians you voted for were upheld after they came to power?

  6. Abi said...

    Sahodaran: Thanks for the link to Sainath's article.

    Vishnu: You are right. Simple names do matter in politics. I don't know why these guys would choose such crazy names.

    Polite Indian: Some skepticism is certainly warranted, when an unknown entity suddenly jumps into the fray and starts promising great things.

    Anonymous: I don't know where you "kept hearing how IITians always went abroad", but it can't be here. So, take your complaints elsewhere.

    If you want to argue why these BPD folks must be taken seriously (other than the fact that they are from the IITs), make that case without going all sarcastic.

  7. barbarindian said...

    Anon above,

    Assuming it's your first time here, so let me clue you in. You see, only socialists have the right to sarcasm and presumptions.

  8. Anonymous said...

    I am working closely with BPD. You guyz just keep blogging about the problems but don't try to do anything.

  9. Raag said...

    See this for live interview of President and Spokesperson of BPD.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Hello fellow Indians,
    If you compare the growth of BPD with couple of decades old or even so called political parties formed by some break away politicans or some goon, we have done a very good job and i as a party member i am satisfied that we are on the right path.
    And we are not a IITians party at all, its just media has branded us. I myself , Mahesh Pramod Patil from JAIHIND college mumbai university and so are the other members from other streams.
    BPD will soon be known for intergration of the people right from all caste and sect with one comman goal called development.
    We are looking for interested people from various cities to join us, take the street work for the needy, contest elections... and get some truely deserving people to serve the true needy class.

    Contact info
    Mahesh Pramod Patil
    Bharat Punarnirman Dal(BPD)
    National Working Committee member