Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tamil Nadu bans corporal punishment

This is very good news:

After Goa and New Delhi, now Tamil Nadu has banned corporal punishment for school students.

Link via Shivam and Krish; both have links to earlier news that would explain their support for this ban. I'm glad this evil is gone from one more state.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This is really good. Thanks to the government for bringing this into immediate effect.

    As a child, I always dreamt of a school environment that was friendlier and that helped my other talents (like music and sports) bloom naturally; a teacher who was a friend, full of creativity, humor and who could make learning more practical and fun.

    But then it wasn’t so…:). I have to admit that my performance at school, to a major extent, was driven by a fear…fear of punishments from teachers.

    The scenario has improved a lot today. There is better awareness among schools, teachers and parents about the need for a friendly, relaxed, fun filled, practical, functional learning environment for children.

    Vidya Ganesh