Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Schön files: Where are they?

... Schon's 2001 Nature paper is listed in WoS as:

Self-assembled monolayer organic field-effect transistors (Retracted article. See vol 422 pg 92 2003)
NATURE 413: 713-716 2001

However, it was cited at least 24 times since retraction was issued by Nature and Science in Spring of 2003. Including 5 citations in 2006 and 5 citations in 2005.

That is from the comment by Incoherent Ponderer on this post by Doug Natelson who is dismayed by the memory hole that the Bell Labs site has become:

[Hendrik Schön] was the focus of arguably the most serious fraud in the physical sciences in the last 50 years while he was working at Bell Labs. ... [T]here was a thorough investigation and the fraud was discovered, though only after hundreds of person-years had been wasted by people around the world trying to replicate work that turned out to have been fabricated in the first place. The results of that investigation had been archived on the Bell Labs website. However, now that Alcatel has taken over Lucent, those links are dead, and a seach of the new Alcatel-Lucent site does not find any trace of Herr Dr. Schon. ...

This is bad. It should be the responsibility of Bell Labs to maintain this information in an accessible way for at least ten years, or some other reasonable period.

Wikipedia entry on Schön is here. I have some related links in this post.