Sunday, January 28, 2007

In which I talk about my blog ...

The January issue of The Chronicle, the monthly newsletter of IT-BHU alumni network, carries an interview with yours truly. It's largely about my blog avatar, and I indulge in a bit of BHU nostalgia near the end. The interview was conducted through e-mail by Yogesh, a fellow alumnus of IT-BHU, a very active member of community, and a frequent commenter here.

Thanks, Yogesh!


  1. Vivek Kumar said...

    My favourite line:

    "He has occasionally been quoted and interviewed by media."

    There is something (perhaps the use of 'occasionally') inherently funny in that one :)

  2. gaddeswarup said...

    Nice interview; may you continue blogging for a long time. I find that blogging is a useful method of disseminating information,exchange of ideas and developing a tradition of discussion. Informative, not too opiniated and pleasant blogs like yours are a part of a new process of education. Please continue as long asyou can.
    By the way, it took be six attempts before I started feeling the effects of bhang but I stopped after an year. Listening to music was wonderful.

  3. Anonymous said...


    I agree that word (Occasionally) not necessary, but it was an unintentional error.

    We have thousands of blogs started in last few years in our country, but very few are exclusively devoted to the discussion of all-important subject of higher education. Abi's blog is remarkable in the sense that it collects information about higher education from a variety of national/international publications, contains his sharp comments and has easy-to-read blog format.

    As a side note, it might be interested to read the blog of Michael Riley ( He is a Syndicated Columnist for Newspapers for Asbury Park Press and Gannett News Service in USA and writes on any news or science subject. He is well-known for his wit.

    Once someone asked him about the qualities needed to become a columnist. He replied: "three things. First, a good command over English and to manipulate words; second, to take interest and observe about news and events around him, and last, to have huge ego."

    Readers asked him to start his own blog, and he complied. He was then asked about quality needed to run a blog. He replied:" The same 3 qualities, except that now you need a very huge ego about yourself."


    Yogesh K. Upadhyaya
    New Jersey

  4. Abi said...

    Vivek: See Yogesh's response.

    Swarup, Yogesh: Wow, thanks for those nice words about me and my blog!

    And yes, Swarup, bhang *is* overrated!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Abi: congrats! checked the interview only now; agree with Swarup (in the comment above) about the nature of this blog - a reflection of at least the "public personality" of an excellent educator.

    When I started my blog Phani mentioned about your blog as one of the few academic blogs we have in India; since then (reading) this blog has been an inspiration for me to continue doing what I like.

    I wish you (find the time to) blog at your 2.0 also with equal enthusiasm in disseminating your research side.

    Keep it up!