Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ethics in science

Just a few links:

Via Dr. Free-Ride: A recent analysis by Dr. David Ludwig of Children's Hospital in Boston found that industry-funded studies were eight times more likely to report" ... "scientific results that were favorable to the funder's financial interests."

Elizabeth Wager on Authors, Ghosts, Damned Lies, and Statisticians. Her article is a commentary on this damning study that "found evidence of ghost authorship for 33 trials (75%; 95% confidence interval 60%–87%). The prevalence of ghost authorship was increased to 91% (40 of 44 articles; 95% confidence interval 78%–98%) when we included cases where a person qualifying for authorship was acknowledged rather than appearing as an author."

BTW, did you know that ethics books are more likely to be stolen from libraries? [two   follow-ups].


  1. Anonymous said...

    may be the same gang is at work in both the places...
    (a bit flippant but couldn't resist)