Sunday, March 30, 2008

Geometry time sink!

A bit of lazy blog-hopping took me to Log base 2 where, among other things, I found a post on quilts linking to several sites with mathematically inspired quilt designs.

The second link is a part of a bigger site -- National Curve Bank! -- with tons of fabulous mathematical goodies (with lots of animations).

Along the way, I also got the link to M.C. Escher: The Official Website, which has an extensive set of galleries; the symmetry gallery has some stunning (and rather famous) pieces of art.

* * *

There are some more links to mathematics and arts here, and through Swarup's comemnt on this post, we also have a link to an article on the mathematics of kolam (needs subscription, but the pdf of the German version is free, so click through for the pics).