Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Global Gender Gap Report - 2007

If you are into rankings and such, check out the Global Gender Gap Report - 2007.

India's ranked at 114 -- below Bangladesh (100) and above Pakistan (126). Philippines (6) and Sri Lanka (15) are the only Asian countries in the top 20. The country profile for India is here (pdf); profiles for other countries are available here.

India does considerably poorly (compared with the average) on economic and education indicators. On health, India is still below average, but not by much.

Despite scoring poorly on the number of women legislators and ministers, India manages to stay above average on political empowerment of women. Why? Because it scores very high for "number of years with a female head of state in the last 50 years", a category in which it's ranked at No. 4 in the world!

Instead of rankings (even if they cover two years -- 2006 and 07) , it is far more preferable to analyze how much progress each country has made over the years -- or even decades. For such analysis, one would have to look elsewhere ...


  1. Anonymous said...


    on a slightly different note, it is interesting to see how India fared in two different rankings targeted at two different spectrum. That gives some indication of the "progress" of the country.

    Forbes ranked 4 Indians amongst the 10 richest men in the world this year, up from just one last year (or was it the year before last?). Even US had two entries in the list. UN ranked India at 128 according to human development index (2 spots down from its previous year's ranking of 126), out of a total 177 countries.

    While the gap between haves and have nots keep growing in every country, these two lists just goes on to show that the gulf is probably the widest in India.

    Prepare for anarchy, if this gulf continues to increase at such a phenomenal rate.

    -- Pratik

  2. Anonymous said...

    I noted in the report that %age of female teachers in tertiary education is 40, which does not look horribly bad to me.

    But somehow, it seems 40% is a bloated figure. I have studied in a couple of colleges and have been sifting thru the faculty lists of others. Seems to me 40% is way too high.