Monday, March 24, 2008

Pay Commission Report

The much awaited report of the Sixth Central Pay Commission is out. If you are really up to it, you can get the information directly from the source: the 678-page report, and the accompanying annexures. A poorly drafted document containing the highlights is also available. [All of them are PDF files].

News channels are projecting a 40 percent increase in gross salaries for officers whose position in the government is equivalent to faculty members in our elite institutions (the so called Institutions of National Importance). A quick look at the report is not enough for me to figure out how exactly this figure of 40 percent has been arrived at. So, any further blogging on this topic will have to wait until I get a clearer picture on how these computations are done.

As for faculty salaries, one may also have to wait until another committee goes into making them consistent with the salaries of officers working in the government. As I recall, for implementing the Fifth Pay Commission recommendations, we had to wait for quite sometime before two committees -- yes, TWO committees, one for UGC-controlled institutions and another for the INIs -- finished their work. In the present vresion, I know about UGC's committee, but I have not heard about one for the INIs. So, it may take some more time before we get some idea about how our salaries are going to be affected.

In his most recent post on the Pay Commission and its mandate, Vivek pointed out that fixing the salaries of government employees is only one of the many tasks. Among the remaining tasks, he rightly points out, those related to "performance evaluation and performance-linked incentives" are as important as the salary itself.


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