Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lasik surgery: Read the fine print

There was a time when inauguration of a Lasik unit at any eye hospital in Bangalore used to receive press coverage. Not any more; there are just too many of them here, as there are in the other metros as well. Clearly, this elective surgery has become very popular. And it's likely that you or people you know are considering it as a path to an eye-glasses-free future. If so, do please read this NYTimes piece by Abby Ellin to get a clearer picture.

After highlighting the 95.4 percent satisfaction rate enjoyed by Lasik surgery, Ellin turns to some of the nasty side effects that afflict some of the remaining 4.6 percent. The key take-away from this article is this: If you knew the full extent of these risks -- even low probability ones -- would you still go for a surgery whose main benefit is (merely) cosmetic?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the article, it's very informative. without knowing all these i suggested many of my friends, who are having four eyes!, to go Lasik. Fotunatly no one taken has taken the decision. it's very sad news to the author of "CODE NAME GOD"

  2. Anonymous said...

    Well.. I don't think that this is (merely) cosmetic ?

    I have been wearing glasses from my second standard and still wearing it. Have not tried contact lenses even once in life :) :) :)

    But there are times I feel that Lasik is needed (for example when bathing in a falls) :) :)