Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An atheist challenges a murderous tantrik on live TV ...

... and wins [via Prashant]:

Finally, the disgraced tantrik tried to save his face by claiming that there was a never-failing special black magic for ultimate destruction, which could, however, only been done at night. Bad luck again, he did not get away with this, but was challenged to prove his claim this very night in another “breaking news” live program.

The encounter took place under the open night sky. The tantrik and his two assistants were kindling a fire and staring into the flames. Sanal was in good humour. Once the ultimate magic was invoked, there wouldn’t be any way back, the tantrik warned. Within two minutes, Sanal would get crazy, and one minute later he would scream in pain and die. Didn’t he want to save his life before it was too late? Sanal laughed, and the countdown begun. The tantriks chanted their “Om lingalingalingalinga, kilikilikili….”


  1. ggop said...

    This totally reminds me of the episode of south park where Cartman pretends to be a psychic and does some weird chant like this against other psychics. :D

  2. Anonymoustache said...

    I'm stunned that this tantrik believed his own crap and took on the challenge. I was firmly convinced that the purveyors of 'woo' knew they were full of it, but went about conning people because it is such a lucrative gig.
    This was great.