Monday, November 19, 2007

Bangalore links

There's a new web initiative with a focus on Bengalooru: Citizen Matters, with a neat tag line: "Speak up. It's your city." The site is still in alpha (but it has already been mentioned in Chugs' blog), so it still has some ways to go -- for example, it does not offer a web feed. Let's wait and see how it develops.

* * *

After this post on restaurants near IISc, I went looking for websites that specialize in this topic. I came across Burrp!. Here's its list of Malleswaram restaurants. Being a Web 2.0 site, it offers networking possibilities for its users, whose profile page lists their restaurant reviews. For example, take a look at the profile of Meenakshi, who blogs at Bangalore Belly.

Then, there's Hungry Bangalore that offers with basic info on eateries (I couldn't find any reviews, though). Their "locate restaurant" feature is nice: here's the Hallimane page -- click on "Locate Hallimane" for a Google Maps pop-up!


  1. Wavefunction said...

    Is that place Chicken County still around? I used to be obsessed with it. And what about that juice center on campus?

    For me, the vada-sambar at Coffee Board was always out of this world. So was the apple cake in Tea Board...ah, the good old days...