Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hungry, kya?

Tejaswi lists some of the classic eateries in South Bangalore, with a promise to cover other parts soon. In Malleswaram (in the northern part that includes IISc), my favorite is the Janata Cafe on the 8th Cross Street. The Iyer mess is also fabulous.

The last couple of years has seen the opening of some pretty nice places in Malleswaram. Food Camp from the legendary Asha Sweets group (10th Cross and First Main) and Adiga's (15th Cross and Sampige Road) come to mind immediately.

My own favorite in our Institute's neighbourhood is Megh Sagar (at the Bashyam Circle, Sadashiva Nagar). Several new outlets have come up near this place: Daily Bread (for fancy sandwiches and cakes) and Namdharis (for wonderful salads) are great. They also sell all kinds of imported goodies; a liter of Evian, for example, costs just Rs. 125!

Over on the other side of the Institute, there has been a veritable explosion of shops and restaurants on New BEL Road near the Ramaiah Hospital. The Neel restaurant on the 80-feet Road is our favorite for taking our guests out to -- when someone else is footing the bill!

* * *

I would love to check out the South-Bangalore places listed by Tejaswi, but for the dreadful traffic ...


  1. Anonymous said...

    Professor, thank you for posting about Bangalore eateries. How about posting about the recent events in Nandigram?

  2. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    They also sell all kinds of imported goodies; a liter of Evian, for example, costs just Rs. 125!

    Hm -- why pay Rs 125 for a litre of water? Does it actually taste different to you from Bisleri? Have you tried a blind test?

    I do buy some imported items regularly -- cheese for example -- but never saw the point of buying imported water. In fact, in developed countries there's not even any point to buying bottled water of any sort. It's a triumph of marketing that bottled water sells so well in those countries.

    (Actually I'm not even sure I can blind-tell the imported cheese from the better examples from Auroville or Kodai -- but the shop that stocks the imported stuff is nearer...)

  3. Abi said...

    Rahul: Oh, no! I don't buy Evian. Since it's one of the things that looked familiar, I happened to check -- and be utterly shocked by -- its price.

    I agree with you on the pointlessness of bottled water in the West. I recently read a couple of articles (from the links in this post) that pointed this out in a forceful way; I don't think they have had the kind of effect they should have.

    The imported olives and dates at these shops do look very attractive (despite the price), and we succumb to those desires once in a while ...

  4. Shruthi said...

    Many years ago, my whole family landed up with bad food poisoning after eating at Megh Sagar. After that, Megh Sagar has entered our family lingo as a substitute for food-poisoning :D

    Look what it took for me to delurk - Megh Sagar! :D