Friday, November 02, 2007

Voices, IISc's student magazine, is now online

Update 2 (9 February 2009): Yes, the site is now available to the whole wide world outside IISc. A big thank you to the Voices team; see Rupesh's post.

Update: Oops! Looks like the link works only within our Institute! I have written to the Voices team. I'll post another update when they nail the problem.

* * *

The magazine is called "Voices", and its online version -- e-Voices? -- is here. Congratulations to the entire Voices team for taking this online leap!

Right now, the Voices website has just the October issue, which features articles by three student bloggers from IISc: Natasha Mhatre, Sujit Chakrabarti (whose cartoons are here) and Rupesh (who calls himself bhOndOO). In fact, their articles started their lives as blog posts!

Among the other articles, the one by Sudhira is particularly noteworthy for its plea for setting up a Balawadi (pre-school child care) center to help the families of large numbers of construction workers who live in temporary housing units in our campus [In case you didn't know, IISc is going through a veritable construction boom].

Thanks to the Voices team's efforts, our alumni can now be in touch with the current generation of students and their creative output. I hope the website will also allow them to contribute to Voices. Such alumni participation will have another beneficial side effect: the publication frequency will go up!

All in all, I am very happy to see Voices go online. This is fantastic!


  1. Ludwig said...

    Abi, the link doesn't seem to work. Or is it just me?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Abi, link is not working.... Is it an intranet link?

  3. Anonymous said...

    yes it is currently an intranet service!

    sorry for the inconvenience
    we are trying to make it available to everyone