Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Government control has nothing to do with it!

6. With India's top business schools eager to establish themselves as leading global brands, government control is hugely restrictive, says Prof Dholakia.

This statement is often made but without substantiation. Government intervention is felt mainly in respect of salaries for faculty. As I have said earlier, this is only notional because it's not clear IIMs have the capacity to pay a great deal more. Other than this, I am not aware of anything the government does that comes in the way of developing a global brand.

Developing such a brand is not just about globe-trotting- pitching a tent in Nigeria or Oman- but developing teaching and research capabilities that can compare with those in the top schools abroad. There are hundreds of business schools in India, including the Indian School of Business, that are free from government interference. Not one of them has been able to attain even the level of the IIMs. [Bold emphasis added by me]

That's from T.T. Ram Mohan's fisking of a news story in the Financial Times quoting a several IIM-A and IIM-B faculty whining about how government control has been a major obstacle in IIMs' march towards world-class-ness.


  1. Anonymous said...

    wonder why there are no posts regarding what is going on in Nandigram....

  2. Anonymous said...

    you don't know? when certain things happen, Indian intellects usually book a group pilgrimage trip to 'kashi' - thus remain silent for some time.

    just kidding.. professors at premier insti's in India have too much work at hand.. just not fair to expect them to comment on everything here and there.


  3. kuffir said...

    it is all about government control- nothing grows under a banyan tree.