Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ponderer poses some tough questions!

They are about crackpots who bombard people with e-mails about how great they -- I mean, the crackpots -- are. Here's his description of the e-mails:

I have had the privelege to know many crackpots over the time in grad school, postdoc and now as a faculty. They all share some common traits. For example, the emails they sent are written in ALL CAPS, using fonts of disproportionately gynormous size (like 150), colors, highlighting etc. It's almost as if they all go to the same Crackpot University where they are educated in a proper etiquette of sending crackpottery emails.

And now, the tough questions he asks his readers to help him with:

Are there many chemistry, biology, engineering crackpots, or is it something primarily dominated by physicists (and if so, is Einstein to blame?). What about humanities? I am sure history and politics get their share of crackpots. How about literature or arts?