Thursday, November 15, 2007

... Ferenghi man, very odd and chunky!

Watch Tunak Tunak Tun.

I'm following the precedents set by Shripriya (who discovered Benny Lava stuck in my head) and Dilip (who linked to You'll be pumping Ovaltine).

For a pre-YouTube -- err, text -- version (not much different from these "buffalaxed" videos), check out Ramesh Mahadevan having fun with a Ghantasala poem/song. [On the newsgroup "soc.culture.indian", Surya Kavuri posted a transliteration of that Telugu poem, and dared people to "translate it if you can", and Ramesh was responding to a provocative post.]


  1. kuffir said...

    ghantasala was not a poet- he was a singer, and much admired. the song was written by late poet krishna shastri, a revered figure in literary circles. the post was in extremely poor taste, i'll reserve my comments on your link.