Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thomas Friedman is not our Prime Minister's speech writer, is he?

What is this sentence doing in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Independence Day speech?

Unity in diversity are the wall and roof of the fabric of our nationhood.

In case you are wondering about the reference to TF, you should look at this review.


  1. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    I suppose Pratibha Patil has the same speechwriter. From The Hindu's report: '[President Patil] invited countrymen to "look ahead to the glorious path of infinite possibilities that await India with open arms."'

    (The article ends by referencing "Vivekanada's" "immoral clarion call", but I'm guessing that wasn't the speechwriter's fault.)

  2. Anonymous said...

    If there is such a word "X" as opposite of favorite, then Tom would be my most X'ed writer.

    I have written about his simplistic observations, needless and mostly meaningless metaphors here -

    Coincidentally, I linked to the same article last year :

    And Abi, this HAS got to be best of the lot -

    - Sharath

  3. Anant said...

    On mixed metaphors of the Flatman kind, I am reminded of an old one from my friend K. Sridhar, ``a oasis in the sea of madness.''

  4. Anonymous said...

    How about an "oasis in the sea of sanity" ? :-)

    - Sharath