Thursday, August 30, 2007

OLPC News celebrates its first anniversary

Congratulations to Wayan Vota on this fantastic achievement!

Can you believe that your favorite independent source for news, information, commentary, and discussion of One Laptop Per Child "$100 laptop" is one year old this week?

Was it really just a year ago that we jumped onto the OLPC stage with the news of The Children's Machine 1 name change? Could we have grown from a handful of itinerant readers and three writers to over 1,500 decided daily viewers and a whole crew of contributors?

I am still in shock that OLPC News has propelled me into the blogging big leagues with this humble effort. Did I actually get on Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon or 60 Minutes with Leslie Stall?

While we are on single-theme blogs, let me point you to another great one: Peter Suber's Open Access News.


  1. Wayan said...

    Thanks for the note, Abi! And thanks for contributing to OLPC News' success .