Thursday, August 02, 2007

HigherEd links ...

The business plan for "getting [the University of Kentucky] into the top 20 among public research universities by 2020":

The first step for Dr. Todd and his team was to devise their own system for rating state universities. It involves measuring indicators like graduation rates; the academic quality of entering students; the number of Ph.D.’s being produced; the scholarly citations and awards amassed by the faculty members; and the dollar value of federal research grants awarded to the faculty members. Then, they designated benchmarks by which the university’s progress could be measured over the years.


There are already signs of momentum. The university, which had 45 endowed professorships a decade ago, now has 235. It won $300 million in federal research grants this year, compared with $100 million in 1997.

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Bonus link to a picture slideshow: What do unofficial slogans on T-shirts tell us about a college / university?