Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ramon Magsaysay Award for P. Sainath

The announcement is here. Link via Uma.

Kuffir managed to shock me with his unique way of announcing the award for Sainath.


  1. Niket said...

    Sorry Abi, I don't quite agree with you.

    When I was in my seventh or eighth grade, news articles throughout the state of Maharashtra read "slum dweller tops board exam." No one writes "resident of a three storey building tops board exam."

    There might be two reasons for the IBN headline. First, because it represents "against all odds" storyline. Son of a humble farmer, a poor villager, an OBC, has topped the exam. Second, because policies that you support --- reservations --- creates a special category for OBC in our mindset. Unfortunately, and I hope I am wrong on this, he will be remembered as that OBC (that referring to "the one who topped").

    I don't think there is necessarily an inherent bias working here. The correspondent / copy-editor may or may not have his blinkers; the headline isn't an indicator of bias IMHO.

    (will crosspost at the Kuffir's)

  2. gaddeswarup said...

    I remember Telugu short story writer 'Palagummi Padmaraju'. I wonder whether Palagummi Sainath is related to him.

  3. pradeepkumar pi said...

    After hearing this, the key question which came to my mind is that weather or not Sainathis going accept the award money . The Magsaysay is funded by Ford foundation and this prompted Ashas Dr. Sandeep Pandey to reject the award money when some journalists in Manila brought this issue up. Being a staunch opponent of
    Corporations and Capitalism it will be an interesting to watch how he reacts to the situation. As of now no one has brought this up but I am sue it will be invoked by Hindus rival news papers.

    Kuffir is very unfair in giving such a title to his post. Its something like Abi is putting up a post "...caste blogger Kuffir on Education" . I had had opportunities to talk with Sainath couple of times and I realized is that he is a not a sympathaizer of any high caste groups. Also remember his series of articles in PUCL bulletin and others on Dalits and the discrimination face by them at the hand of upper castes.