Sunday, August 05, 2007

IIM-B shows the way ...

Just two posts ago, I ranted a bit about how IITs have been reluctant to share routine statistical information they collect as a part of their entrance exam process. IIMs have also shared this secretive trait -- until now.

IIM-B has made public (pdf) a lot of key information about the students it admitted this year. Take a look!

A few quick impressions: While engineers form less than half of the IIM aspirants, their fraction among the successful candidates is a whopping 83%. If you add Computer Science, this proportion goes up to 90%. The proportion of women among the aspirants, interviewees and succsessful candidates is 24.7, 17.1 and 21.3 percent, respectively. Curiously, IIM-B prefers people with work experience: their proportion rises quite sharply from 31% among the aspirants to 67% among the successful candidates.

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Thanks to MBA Karma for the pointer.


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