Tuesday, August 07, 2007

THES ranking of universities: IITs at No. 3

Update: This report seems to be a rehash of the 2006 rankings. The THES website doesn't say anything about this year's rankings, so take this with truckloads of salt.

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Today's Economic Times reports that in the latest ranking exercise by the Times Higher Education Supplement, the IITs are placed at No. 3 -- just behind MIT and UC-Berkeley -- among the technology universities across the world. They are also ranked 33rd among science universities.

Aside from the IITs, IIMs, JNU and DU also figure in the top 100 or 200 in different categories.

I haven't seen the THES lists for this year. If it is going to be behind a paywall (very likely), we will just have to go by reports in the Indian press.


  1. Anoop Saha said...

    IITs were ranked 57th in 2006 and 15th in Asia in 2006. This year's rankings, I guess is not yet released. Typically they come out in october.
    The times of india article has this has heading, "IITs 57th in list of world's top varsities"

  2. Anonymous said...

    IITs!! 57th!!
    wonder what was the basis for rankings. Definitely not research. Would be interesting to know whether the 3rd rank amongst technology institutes is only for undergrad studies. That would make sense.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Its good to see some Indian Universities making it to the top. There are also other Universities which are excellant and known internationally like IISc, BHU, University of Calcutta. But it seems that these Universities unfortunately do no take part in regular surveys which they should.

  4. Unknown said...

    why are iits grouped into a single university? that would be like grouping ucla, ucsb, uc-berkeley, etc as a single university!!!

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