Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ajay Srichandra

In what appears to be a depressed state, Ajay Srichandra, a student in Biological Sciences at IISc, committed suicide yesterday. From the news reports, we gather that one or two friends and a teacher were beginning to be aware of Ajay's depression but, sadly, he ended his life before psychological help could reach him.

Suicides are always tough to deal with, and all I can do now is to repeat the rather un-original message I posted back in December 2005 (following the suicide of an IIT-K student): depression is treatable. There's a lot of very helpful (and academically validated) information available at the American Psychological Association on both depression and its opposite, emotional health. See, for example, this overview on depression. Another recent article talks about prevention strategies such as teaching school kids anti-depressive thinking.