Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scientific Eye Candy

Check out the site My Art In Science, one of whose goals is:

2. To provide a visual proof that Science and Engineering are not just important or interesting but also beautiful. This beauty is not manufactured by the scientists or the engineers directly, but appears and shows up in their work, as a side effect of their work. Unfortunately, the innards of the work of scientists and engineers are often inaccessible to the wide public. Many people think that your work is technical and lifeless. We, at MyArtinScience want to show how beautiful the materials, the processes and the effects of Science and Engineering are. In this sense, MyArtinScience is a cooperative and an educational museum dedicated to the artistic value of Science and Engineering. In fact, some users have used the images in MyArtinScience to show students the magical flavor of your work.

I got the link to this site through a tip-off from its creator, Amir Give'on of Princeton University.