Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogging blogging

A whole bunch of links that I have accumulated over time. Here they are:

  1. Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic: Why I blog.

  2. Daniel Drezner: Public Intellectual 2.0.

  3. Dan Cohen: Professors, Start Your Blogs.

  4. Jessica Wapner in Scientific American: Blogging -- It's Good for YOu.

  5. Steve Yegge: You should write blogs.

  6. Janet Stemwedel: Why would anybody want to blog under a pseudonym?

  7. Not specifically on blogging, but still: Michael Nielsen on Five problems with doing research in the open.

  8. Shelley A. Batts, Nicholas J. Anthis, and Tara C. Smith: Advancing Science through Conversations: Bridging the Gap between Blogs and the Academy.

  9. Dan Drezner and Henry Farrell: Power and Politics of Blogs. [See also: Dan Drezner: So, You Want to Blog ...]

  10. Simon Owens in MediaShift: Econ Bloggers Gain Clout in Financial Crisis