Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama links

  1. Obama's victory speech; link via Swarup who has several other links as well.

  2. The inside story of Obama's march to the White House. In seven parts!

  3. If you are pressed for time, then you should go to

  4. Obama eye candy [21 slides. Via Hendrik Hertzberg]. A much longer version with 600+ pictures is here.

  5. Dilip D'Souza: Is Obama, a Democrat, good for India?

  6. Rahul Siddharthan: Is the US still behind the curve? "... the fact of [Obama's] election will almost certainly be positive for the future of race relations in America. Change in caste prejudices in India seems much slower in coming."

  7. Is Obama going to become the most popular baby name in Kenya? Part 1, Part 2.

  8. James Surowiecki: Copies of NYTimes dated November 5: Is there a bubble?.

  9. See how TGFI's clever way of acquiring this and other similar -- and I should add, un-distressed -- 'assets'.

  10. Bonus non-Obama link: It's worth linking to this video again. I think Tabula Rasa is correct in naming Tina Fey as one of the two MVPs of the 2008 election season (the other being Nate Silver).


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