Sunday, November 09, 2008

IISc blogging

It's great to see that my friend and colleague M. Giridhar has started blogging. He's a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at IISc, and a Swarnajayanti Fellow. In his first post, Giridhar tells us about software and online tools he uses for keeping his professional life organized.

* * *

This is perhaps a good time to list the blogs from the extended IISc community. My Google Reader subscriptions now include three faculty (Anant, Prof. Ranganathan, Giridhar), one student (Rupesh), several alumni (Natasha, Guru, Rahul, Fëanor, Phani) and a close friend (Arati, whose husband, Prof. Atul Chokshi, is a colleague in our Department).

I'm sure there are many others. So, please help me with this list by leaving their blog URLs in the comments, and I'll update this post with more links.


  1. Arun said...

    it may not be a great blog, but the guy who writes at is an M Tech student of Communication(Electronics) at IISc. Here's a nice site he made:

  2. Anonymous said...

    I am surprised more faculty members and students of IISc are not in the blogosphere. Have you tried to recruit?

  3. Fëanor said...

    And Labsji runs a technical blog at