Wednesday, November 12, 2008

India shining blogging

In the beginning, there was Good News India, a site meant for "News from India: of positive action, steely endeavour and quiet triumphs ~ news that is little known." While the site still exists, it has not been updated in over two years.

Now, the husband-and-wife team of Dhimant and Anuradha Parekh have started The Better India with similar objectives. Here's the blurb:

The Better India is an attempt to bring out the happy stories, the unsung heroes and heroines, the small good deeds happening across India and showcase them to the world. Over here, you will be able to read about the incremental progress being [made] by the industrious people of this country, the developments happening on the social and economic front.

Anuradha and Dhimant have highlighted several heart-warming stories, including the latest one on Writing to Save Cultures. Do please go over there and say hello to them! They would love it if you could give them some feedback. You could also contribute to the site through citizen essays.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Goodnewsindia is not updated for a very interesting reason. See here for more:

    I used to read GNI regularly, but I now think just blogging/reading about other people's good work is not a good idea: it creates a sense of having done something, both by the writer and the reader, while nothing much really happens on the ground.

    I am now more supportive of PointReturn-like efforts -- action-driven blogs that document things that you actually do to make the world a better place. It helps others learn from your mistakes, and creates a knowledge repository.

    Singing along is not singing. Actions always beat plain typing.