Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fun links on the US elections

The call from a fake Sarkozy: A prank on Sarah Palin [thanks to Jatkesha for the e-mail pointer].

In this election, white racists have some strange preferences [link via Ta-Nehisi Coates].

John McCain has been forced to raise money by peddling some campaign paraphernalia. On Saturday Night Live! (video). [To add just a touch of seriousness, here's James Fallows's take on what this McCain appearance might mean].


  1. Pratik Ray said...

    Here's another Saturday Night live video - a backstage video with John and Cindy McCain. Listen to John McCain sing with around 2:30 left in the video."

    Awesome response to Barbara Streisand ;)

  2. Pratik Ray said...

    And oh yeah. John McCain's double maverick strategy in SNL is also worth a look.