Wednesday, September 17, 2008

White and Black

Tim Wise: This is Your Nation on White Privilege [Link via Ta-Nehisi Coates]:

White privilege is when you can call yourself a "fuckin' redneck," like Bristol Palin's boyfriend does, and talk about how if anyone messes with you, you'll "kick their fuckin' ass," and talk about how you like to "shoot shit" for fun, and still be viewed as a responsible, all-American boy (and a great son-in-law to be) rather than a thug.

If the intent is to help Obama (and I don't know if it is), it seems odd that almost all the comparisons involve Sarah Palin (and her family members), and not John McCain. Like this last example does:

And finally, white privilege is the only thing that could possibly allow someone to become president when he has voted with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, even as unemployment is skyrocketing, people are losing their homes, inflation is rising, and the U.S. is increasingly isolated from world opinion, just because white voters aren't sure about that whole "change" thing. Ya know, it's just too vague and ill-defined, unlike, say, four more years of the same, which is very concrete and certain.

* * *

While on this topic, let me also link to Jonathan Bines' very funny Black Comic Introduces McCain [Caution: lots of four letter words!].


  1. Tabula Rasa said...

    that black comic piece is *brilliant*!

  2. Tarun Goel said...

    Those four letter words are amazing and hilarious..:)

  3. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    You may also enjoy this.