Monday, September 01, 2008

P.V. Indiresan on JEE

Here he is, at his most blunt:

The IITs have known for years that the JEE is vitiated by coaching classes. Instead of designing a new system matched to the era of coaching classes, it has been trying to preserve as much as possible what it devised 50 years ago. In that respect, the IITs are no better than the manufacturers of the Ambassador car, which too is of the same vintage as the JEE.

The JEE is obsolete. It remains in force because IITs have ceased to be learning systems. The IITs are not learning from their own errors nor are they willing to learn from those that are more successful.


  1. Anonymous said...

    It is good to see such an article. Though, I must say that it is not very well written. The mention of Thomas Kuhn in relation to JEE makes me laugh. I totally agree with the purport of the artice.
    Being from a modest family myself, and having been successful in JEE (to some degree) I have been asked by numerous kids as to what they should do to succeed in JEE? I have been giving them just one answer: To succeed in JEE you have to run; run you must like a rat. Because JEE is a mindless rat race.

  2. Kishore Budha / किशोर बुधा said...

    JEE and IITs reflect what we have reduced our understanding of intellectual inquiry to.

  3. Raja said...

    Seems like Deja Vu !!! I had made some of these observations a few years ago. Seems like things just went down from there. Here is what I wrote back in 2005.