Friday, September 05, 2008

Links ...

Steve Levitt's evidence-based advice on wines:

... [A] paper entitled “Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?” [concluded that] fancy people with lots of training can tell cheap wine from expensive wine, but regular people cannot. (A non-gated working paper version is available here.)

What lesson should we take from this? No matter what, do not let yourself become a wine expert who can tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines. When it comes to your pocketbook and wine, ignorance is bliss.

An FT report entitled "Women Crack the Glass Ceiling from Above":

On average, women hold one in seven board positions in Fortune 500 companies and about the same proportion of senior managerial -positions.

But the study found that companies where the percentage of female directors was highest – where women made up about a quarter of the board – ended up with a third more women corporate officers than rivals that have fewer female directors.

“Women board directors are a predictor of women corporate officers,” the study’s authors said. “The more women board directors a company has [had] in the past, the more women corporate officers it will have in the future.”