Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anand Bora

I was pleased to see that Friday's Economic Times profiled Anand Bora and his mathematical art. Since the time I met him in March 2007, this young man has gone places: he has had his art exhibited at Bridges-2008, a conference dedicated to Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science. [Check out his blog where he describes his experience at Bridges-2008].

I think this is a good time to wish Anand (once again) all the best in his artistic journey.

* * *

A minor aside: In the ET article, Anand has been too kind in calling me a 'guiding force'. While I feel very nice at being acknowledged this way, I was also amused that he placed me in the wrong department at IISc: Mathematics!


  1. anandi said...

    Thanks a lot SIR! Yup, you have been the guiding force. BTW I gave the interview on a conference call. I think the journalist didn't hear your department properly as both Metallurgy and Mathematics start with 'M'. Nevertheless, I didn't complaing about it.
    Thanks a lot once again for being there.

  2. anandi said...

    Also, you can put up the exact link of the exhibit on your blog. The link I gave you earlier was a temporary link.

  3. Unknown said...

    Hi anand...
    congrats man....doing superb job keep it up!!!!