Sunday, September 21, 2008

Links ...

  1. Virginia Heffernan: Charisma Sensei: The celebrity academics who are "camera-friendly, .. and easily downloadable", with links to fabulous video lectures by five academics in different fields. I have already watched three of the five: Walter H. G. Lewin (physics, MIT), the late Randy Pausch (Last Lecture at Carnegie Mellon) and Dan Ariely (behavioral economics, MIT and Duke). I should check out the other two.

    There's an accompanying blog post where you can vote for your favourite.

  2. Harry Brighouse: The Man Who Outsmarted IQ (a profile of Howard Gardner, the man behind the 'multiple intelligences' theory).

  3. Right to Information Act strikes again: Bihar's State Information Commissioner directs the state's universities "to provide photocopies of the examined papers to examinees, if they so desired."

  4. Mark Bauerlein: Online Literacy Is a Lesser Kind: Slow reading counterbalances Web skimming [via Ponderer].

  5. Janet Rae-Dupree: When Academia Puts Profit Ahead of Wonder [A critique of the Bayh-Dole Act].

  6. Megan McArdle: Sure glad I got that MBA.

  7. Finally, from the great PhD Comics: How Professors Spend Their Time [via OrgTheory.Net].