Sunday, September 14, 2008

Links from the past week ...

  1. Meena Kandasamy: Book, Booker, Booked.

  2. Seth Godin: How often should you publish?

  3. Ripples: TR's speech to his fellow graduates several years ago.

  4. Obama's response in 1994 to the abominable The Bell Curve [via Ta-Nehisi Coates].

  5. Parseval: Two plus two makes five: selling danger by ignoring evidence.

  6. An ex-student's frustrating experiences with the IISc administration.

  7. Reema, who teaches in a private college, offers her take on the education boom. Also read her post on a recent day at work. Scary!

  8. Bob Sutton: Leadership vs. Management: An Accurate But Dangerous Distinction?

  9. Clive Thompson in the NYTimes: Brave New World of Digital Intimacy [via Chris Blattman].

  10. Spencer Green in McSweeney's: All I really need to know I learned in my spam box [via Chugs].

  11. Amy Ozols in the New Yorker: A mass e-mail.

  12. Good students and bad students: A senior faculty member's advice on how to treat them differently.

  13. Finally, the mystery link.


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