Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ToI swears by classical liberalism ...

... in its editorial pages. Here's Gautam Adhikari:

... [A]s long as a particular piece is worth offering to you, in our considered judgment, as a viewpoint, we publish it. That viewpoint may not coincide with our position on a subject but we print it regardless.

We take this stance because we are a ‘liberal’ newspaper in the classical sense of the term. Our job is to offer you a wide variety of opinions to help you reflect and form your own views. When we want to express opinions as a newspaper, we do so in our editorials.

Thus, we chose to publish Nandy’s and Praful Bidwai’s (January 2) critical views of Modi for much the same reason we carried columns favourable to Modi written by Swapan Dasgupta (December 30) and Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar (January 6). Our own take on the Gujarat elections we elaborated in a long editorial published on December 24.