Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Plagiarism alert ...

Here's a ToI report about a mathematics professor at Calcutta University:

[The American Mathematical Society] has cautioned universities and institutes worldwide not to refer to at least three of [Mahimaranjan] Adhikary's research papers as he had "copied them word for word" from works of foreign mathematicians. The incident puts a question mark on the checks-and-measures system of Calcutta University, where Adhikary worked for over three decades and was recently re-employed after retirement "considering his contribution to the field of mathematics". A red-faced CU has investigated the charges and found them to be true.

I have looked for info on this 'alert' from AMS; if you know of any update (or more info) on this affair, do let me know.

In the meantime, someone alerted me -- I'm sorry I don't recall who tipped me off -- about this website with serious allegations of plagiarism against an academic -- and a high ranking official -- at the North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology , affiliated to the North-Eastern Hill University.


  1. Anonymous said...

    North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) is a deemed university now and not under NEHU

  2. Abi said...

    Oops! Thanks for pointing out the error. I have corrected the post.