Sunday, January 13, 2008

Links ...

Roxy Gagdekar celebrates a great event: Uttar Bajrange, a member of the Budhan Theater, is flying off to the US to start graduate studies in theater. [Acting Like A Thief, Kerim Friedman's 15-minute film on this theater movement is available here.]

Why Civil Services?: A personal story from Cosmic Voices.

The Envelope, Please: Sirensongs tells us about the callousness of our very own government towards foreigners.

Stunningly beautiful pictures of bridges.

The latest in Natasha Mhatre's series on wildlife photography (or, photography in general): Don't fear the shadows.

Peter Foster finds a gem: No more grovelling in Himachal Pradesh.


  1. Sirensongs said...

    Thanks for the link, Abi!

    I am quite sure there are places (maybe even the US, gasp) where the govt. is more callous to my own case, I just should have applied a day earlier. But I felt sorry for the spouse of an Indian national and the Indian-born woman who were having trouble; and the seriously injured who just couldn't get out of the country!