Sunday, January 06, 2008

IITs, JEE and RTI ...

Here's an interesting story from ToI's Manoj Mitta:

In response to notices sent by the Central Information Commission (CIC) on an RTI application, IIT authorities have given conflicting versions, putting the JEE under a cloud.

CIC member O P Kejariwal has threatened to take an "extremely serious" view if IIT Kharagpur, which conducted the JEE in 2006, did not disclose by January 15 how exactly it had calculated the cut-off marks in that test in each of the three subjects: mathematics, physics and chemistry.

I have been looking for an update on this case ever since this case came to my notice in July 2007. I'm glad to see this update from Manoj Mitta.

The 15th of January is a deadline for IIT-Kharagpur to 'comply with the [Central Information Commission's] directions "in full".' I am keen to find out what happens next. If you know of any fresh developments, please let me know.

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Thanks to Dr. Bruno Mascarehas for the pointer.


  1. Niket said...

    I am assuming that though you linked to Dr. Bruno, you don't necessarily endorse the view "JEE marks do not play a part in student selection."