Thursday, January 24, 2008

From my feed reader ...

Niket: "If I were ever to be a dictator ..., my first job will be to remove the words “come tomorrow” from Indian-English dictionary."

Tabula Rasa: "[Snow] carries the deceptive facade of shimmering innocence but it is evil."

Gawker: "Now that I have a home, I am beginning to get a good understanding of how a home owner's life is different from, say, an apartment renter's."

Suvrat Kher points us to an interview of Sunita Narain by Karan Thapar; they discuss India's disastrous policies that encourage car ownership, and discourage public transport. For a change, Thapar lets his guest talk.

Aishwarya finds some fantastic gems in the Wikipedia entry for Anil Kumble.

And finally, check out this most awesome art illusion.