Thursday, January 17, 2008

Google India Women in Engineering Awards

This is a wonderful initiative.

I have been waiting to see this ever since I learned of Google's Anita Borg Scholarships in the US (and in Australia and Canada and Europe, too). I don't know why Google is using a different name for the awards for Indian students; couldn't Google have expanded the Anita Borg scholarships to India? This minor quibble aside, I have to say this is an absolutely positive development.

See if you are eligible and apply online before 31 January 2008.

* * *

The pic is a cropped version of this original in this album, which the official announcement linked to. [Minor quibble #2: instead of featuring pictures of women in non-engineering settings, the Awards site could have used a pic like this one.]


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    What happened? Most in my age group (sixty+) that I know from Andhra studied in Telugu medium gvt. schools.