Friday, March 09, 2007

Wise words of Warren Buffett

When someone with experience proposes a deal to someone with money,” he wrote, citing an old saying, “too often the fellow with money ends up with the experience and the fellow with the experience ends up with the money.”

The 'he' in the quote is the legendary Warren Buffett aka the Oracle of Omaha. The quote itself has been sourced from this NYTimes editorial about how often the man has been right on accountability and transparency in corporate affairs.

Whenever you find time, doread one or more of Buffett's letters to his company's investors.


  1. Unknown said...

    Of course. But have you seen the Petrochina - Sudan controversy that's doing the rounds?

    Kristof's article here:

    If its on the other side of the wall by now, you can read it here: