Wednesday, March 14, 2007

'Socs rocks!'

If Socrates were a professor now, what kind of student evaluations would he have got? Thomas Cushman offers some possibilities. Here's an example:

One thing in his defense is that he was much more positive toward gay and lesbian people. Actually, there was this one guy in class, Phaedroh or something like that, who Socrates was always looking at and one day they both didn't come to class and they disappeared for the whole day. I'm quite sure that something is going on there and that the professor is abusing his power over this student.

This one, on the other hand, is somewhat better:

I don't know why all the people are so pissed at Professor Socrates! They say he's corrupting us, but it's really them that are corrupt. I know some people resent his aggressive style, but that's part of the dialectic. Kudos to you, Professor Socrates, you've really changed my way of thinking! Socs rocks!!


  1. anandi said...

    The post made be laugh...
    Socs rocks!!

    But I support the latter kind of people