Monday, March 26, 2007

Vi$ta: Just say 'No.' World Cup: Just say 'Yes.'

If you need reasons for saying 'No!' to Vi$ta, go here. "What went wrong? Basically, Vista was designed with almost no consideration for the needs of Microsoft's customers." And here's something else from that post: "Small business and consumer demand for computers with Windows XP is very high, but Microsoft has moved swiftly to make sure they can't get it. No sane person wants Vista, so Microsoft is making sure they have no choice."

In other news, India's officially out of the cricket World Cup. For some commentary on what went wrong, see Dilip's post. As for the deeds of disappointed Indian fans, both Dilip and Rahul find the right words to describe them.

This ends my obligatory post on both Vi$ta and the World Cup.


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    Meanwhile, let us celebrate Varadhan's winning the Abel prize, possibly an equivalent of Nobel prize. I met him a few times in the eighties. He is one of the nicest persons that I have met and I am sure that everybody who knows him will be very pleased.

  2. Pramit Singh said...

    I wrote an analysis of Vista on my blog In January.