Saturday, March 03, 2007

Scientific research can be so much fun

After writing that depressing post about R&D support for scientific research in Indian universities, I must link to this story about how one researcher has been able to have so much fun with a research grant.

At times, research (with or without a grant) can also be scary.

Beware: both those links are to this wonderful online 'newspaper' called The Onion. Thanks to my colleague Ram and Savage Minds's Oneman for the pointer.


  1. Kiran said...

    Well if your research grant is measly enough you cannot get chased by demons or afford to go chasing someone yourself :)

  2. Anonymous said...

    Was the online magazine some sort of a spoof? I can't believe any serious magazine would publish stuff like that. I am not sure if I should laugh or be shocked !

  3. Abi said...

    Kiran: Isn't it great that research grants (measly or otherwise) 'grant' you permission to pursue your interests wherever they lead (and whatever they may be)?

    Lakshmi: Yes, Onion, "America's finest news source" is devoted to parody and spoof. So, just laugh it off.

    But remember, fact *can* be as strange and goofy as -- if not more so than -- fiction! So, some of what you find in the Onion may not be too wacky and unbelievable ...