Sunday, March 19, 2006

Womanizing professors, and deans who get murdered

Oooh! Now we are talkin' excitement! Academia has found its own NEW, new thing, and it is movies that are scripted and made by geeks!

I think what is described in this Wired story is a follow-up to something that I linked to last August.

Faced with a shortage of scientists and engineers, the US government hopes to attract newbies using the silver screen. In 2004, the Air Force Office of Science Research decided to get real-life researchers to develop film scripts ...

Here's one of them:

A headstrong Harvard-trained scientist and her rival, a womanizing professor from Norway, are forced to pool their resources to determine the nature of an extraterrestrial object discovered off the North Atlantic coast - a probe that may be killing the world's marine life.


On the other hand, our very own uber-geeks at IIT-Delhi have been making a film called "Formula 69", whose storyline goes like this:

The story revolves around three students who join IIT. On their first day in college, their dean is murdered and they are blamed for the murder. ... Now, they have to clear their names, solve the mystery and clear their final exams - all in seven days ...