Sunday, March 12, 2006

Winning Western hearts with a little help from intellectuals of Indian origin

Sevanti Ninan, the media columnist at the Hindu, has an interesting column today. The main thesis is:

IN the aftermath of the Bush visit, with a congressional battle ahead, and sections of a U.S. media which believe that the India deal sends a wrong message to Korea and Iran, there is an NRI media factor which gives India an advantage that Pakistan, Iran and the others do not have in quite the same measure. That is the Indian voices in the American media debate.

Ninan is right to celebrate these Indian voices because, as she says, "complexities of India's position perhaps stand a better chance of being conveyed when Indians do the writing."

Quite. Since the Hindu doesn't believe in providing external links, here are the examples cited by Ninan:

She mentions Fareed Zakaria, who penned the cover story on 'India Rising' in a recent issue of Newsweek. In addition, she mentions Seema Gahlaut's article in Foreign Policy on 'Misfiring at the India Nuclear Deal', Somini Sengupta's reporting for the New York Times, and Ranadeep Ramesh's opinion piece in the Guardian.