Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rating of B-schools

Mr. [Bakul] Dholakia [Director, IIM-A], who is also the chairman of National Accreditation Council (NAC), has proposed to the government that independent rating agencies be hired to rate all the B-schools in India, based on the standards set by NAC. The rating can then be a part of their admission prospectus and corporate brochures.

“The idea behind the rating scheme is to give a clear perspective to the students taking the management exams, and for corporates to chose where to go to recruit their young managers,” said Mr Dholakia. The B-schools also stand to gain as they work to improve their ratings.

From this story in Economic Times; the story itself is about the recruitment season in IIMs, and the quote is tucked away at the end of it.

This is indeed a great suggestion, and let's hope the regulators (in this particular case, the All India Council for Technical Education -- AICTE) will accept and implement it. This is a reform worth cheering. I know Satya has been arguing for such a reform for a long time, and has also pointed out that it is already being practiced in one domain: maritime training.