Saturday, March 04, 2006

IIT expansion is on the march

It appears that the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) has begun (has been allowed to begin?) taking baby steps towards IIT-hood.

... the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development has allotted Rs 21.87 crore to Cusat as the first step towards giving it the IIT status. [...]

Of the allotted amount, Rs 12.7 crore has been earmarked for advanced research and research. Special emphasis will be given to research in the field of wireless and mobile computing, marine science and technology, marine pharmacology and marine engineering, ship building and naval architecture.

If CUSAT has been given the go ahead, can the others be far behind?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Dear Abi:

    1) Anyone can publish PTI report. They do not question a press-release submitted by the college. The article clearly states that state govt. has 'granted' IIT status to CUSAT!

    2) CUSAT is excited over Rs. 21 crores funding to be received from the centre. However, as per meeting held at HRD Ministry office in New Delhi on Feb. 23rd, all the colleges will receive Rs. 15-30 crores as initial funding, being the leftover money from the current year of 10th 5-yr plan (April 2002-March 2007). This is to assure them and to ask their final stand on issues such as: participating in national level entrance exam, recruiting faculty from all over the country and state govt. willing to give up control over the college, etc. Govt. has also promised to give Rs. 500-1000 crore to each college, but only Rs. 300 crore is approved so far. Many colleges are just happy to receive that windfall.

    IIT issue was not even discussed during that meeting!

    3) Some of the media journalists in our country do not verify or try to understand the facts before rushing for publication. They do not subscribe to four golden pillars of journalism, namely:

    Accuracy of news,Identifying source, style/structure, and grammar/spelling.


    Yogesh K. Upadhyaya
    New Jersey, USA

  2. Abi said...


    Thanks for your inputs. I too got carried away by all the huff and puff in the news report.

    But, tell me this: has there been any further progress on the 'new IITs' front?