Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Science education and research in India

The latest issue of the journal Chemical and Engineering News has a cover feature on "Indian Science Rising" written by Amanda Yarnell. The issue features quite a few stories that examine different aspects of doing (and teaching) science and engineering in India. Yarnell has done a great job of teasing out the key isses in each story, and I found the stories fair, balanced and well reported.

Let me just provide the links here (for future reference); the 'blurb' for each story is not my commentary, but taken from the journal's website:

There is also a photo gallery, that features several young scientists:

  • Srinivas Hotha (National Chemical Laboratory, Pune)
  • Yamuna Krishnan-Ghosh (National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore)
  • Aditya Mittal (IIT, Delhi)
  • Mrinalini Puranik (National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore)
  • Govindaraju Thimmaiah (a post-doc at the University of Wisconsin at Madison).